Enerpac Gantry helps overcome maintenance obstacles

Saltwater, an explosive environment, and a low-clearance ceiling were just some of the obstacles Enaval, an environmental and energy consulting company, faced as it set out to perform valve maintenance on a natural gas platform off the coast of Brazil.
Under contract with Petrobras, a Brazilian multinational corporation in the petroleum industry, one of its assignments was to replace the process valves on the platform. And with the help of Enerpac, an industrial tools manufacturer, Enaval was able to find a solution that overcame three main facility and location limitations that many in the petroleum industry experience during maintenance.
Clearance was a key factor in deciding the equipment needed to remove and replace the process valves. The ceiling height aboard the rig was so low that a mobile crane or similar lifting system wouldn’t have had enough overhead space to operate. So, Enerpac suggested its Super Lift Hydraulic Gantry as the compact size made it perfect for fitting in confined spaces. The Enerpac hydraulic gantries are a safe and efficient way to lift and position heavy loads when traditional cranes will not fit, and permanent overhead lifting systems are not an option, making them the perfect solution for Petrobras’ maintenance needs.
Equipment with self-contained hydraulics was required to uphold safety and security on the rig. An external power pack with hoses and cables presents several safety issues. First, they are a tripping hazard for those walking around the Jobsite. Second, other machinery being operated nearby could accidentally cut the hoses and cables, which would delay the job schedule. Luckily, each leg on the Enerpac gantry had self-contained pumps, valves, and hydraulics to eliminate those safety hazards. The gantry also comes standard with wireless controls, allowing the operator to move freely around the gantry while controlling the load and position effortlessly from their fingertips.
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