ESA’s online training course on Compression Packing

The European Sealing Association (ESA) is offering a new online training course on compression packing. Designed as an introduction to this method of sealing, the course aims to help engineers, technicians, and users of packings understand what packings are and how and when they can be used successfully. 
Compression packings are vital to the proper performance of critical components in almost every industry. The “Introduction to Compression Packing” course provides a new way for packings users to learn about the application, construction, materials, and installation of compression packings for optimum performance in pumps and valves.
As a non-profit trade association, the ESA draws on the knowledge and experience of its members to deliver independent training with no commercial bias. The “Introduction to Compression Packing” course was developed over several years under the direction of David Edwin-Scott, Technical Director of the ESA, with contributions from seven member companies of the ESA’s Packings Division.
The training course is available free of charge on the ESA website and consists of a series of chapters of short video lessons that can be viewed sequentially or independently and returned to at any time. Users can work at their own pace, but the course should take between 1 and 2 hours to complete.
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