Export to Poland—Lift Plug Valves’ innovative design

RAYS recently successfully signed a valve order for export to Poland, including lift plug valves and three-way lift plug valves.

This batch of plug valves is suitable for various industrial applications, including chemical, oil, and natural gas processing. The lift-type plug valves have optimized fluid dynamics performance, reducing fluid resistance, enhancing fluid transportation efficiency, and reducing energy consumption and wear during operation. Moreover, their unique lift structure allows the plug to disengage from the seat during the opening and closing, making the operation very smooth. Additionally, the sealing surfaces are less likely to be scratched during opening or closing, which increases the valve’s lifespan.

Furthermore, the order also includes three-way lift plug valves. This type of three-way valve design can distribute fluid or mix within the same device, greatly enhancing the system’s flexibility and efficiency. The modular design of the three-way plug valves makes maintenance and replacement more convenient. At the same time, high-level sealing performance effectively prevents potential leaks, ensuring the safe operation of industrial systems.

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