Expro awarded contract with Inpex for CCUS project

Energy services provider, Expro Group Holdings N.V. has secured a new Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) contract with INPEX Corporation for the Kashiwazaki Clean Hydrogen/Ammonia project which is Japan’s first clean hydrogen production demonstration project.

Expro’s work scope will include the delivery of tubular running services for multiple sections of casing, liner, and tubing across a 12-month period. This comprehensive scope covers one production well, one injection well, and one monitoring well. The company’s range of technologies for handling and running tubulars is designed to enable safe and efficient operations while providing maximum protection to downhole equipment.

The Kashiwazaki Clean Hydrogen/Ammonia project is a key milestone in Japan’s energy security journey to help produce clean energy from domestically sourced gas. This will be the country’s first project to build an integrated hydrogen and ammonia value chain from production to usage.

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