Festo’s heavy-duty quarter turn actuator

Festo’s DFPD-HD is designed on the scotch-yoke principle. With torque ratings of 9,000 to 32,000 Nm, it guarantees reliable control of high-volume media flows making it ideal for the automation of large ball valves, butterfly valves and air dampers used in power plants and the chemical industry. The DFPD-HD provides rapid and reliable control of, for example, large volumes of supply and exhaust air or clear and wastewater.

This modular system offers powerful solutions for various applications in process automation. Available in three versions of max. 9,000, 18,000 and 32,000 Nm respectively, the quarter turn actuator DFPD-HD fits flexibly to applications. The single actuator’s standard clockwise rotating direction provides a high level of safety by ensuring that the media flow is interrupted automatically in case of a malfunction. Rotating direction can also be configured to anticlockwise , in which case the DFPD-HD will release the media flow if a malfunction occurs. This actuator can be used in applications, where the Safety Integrity Level up to SIL3 is required.

The DFPD-HD can be used at any ambient temperature between -20 and 80°C.

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