First FlexEfficiency customer for GE

After the launch of its new 500MW FlexEfficency 50 combined-cycle plant design, GE announced at Power-Gen Europe in Milan that the first project to use the new technology will be a renewables/CCGT hybrid to be built at Karaman, Turkey. Known as the Dervish project, it is being developed by MetCap Energy Investments, a Turkish project developer already familiar with FB gas turbine technology, on which the FlexEfficiency 50 builds.
The new plant will integrate the natural gas CCGT (capable, says GE, of over 61% efficiency as well as “28 minute start capability”) with 50MW of eSolar concentrated solar thermal tower capacity and 22MW of GE wind turbines – the plant achieving an efficiency of 69% at the Dervish site conditions. EPC services will be provided by Gama Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc.
The whole plant be operated with a GE Mark VIe plant control system, with “single-button start” of the various components. It will also feature zero liquid discharge. Commercial operation date is 2015.
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