Fisher’s Fieldvue system benefits Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is expanding its use of Fisher Fieldvue instruments. A recent project at the Yanbu Refinery included more than 40 DVC-based ESD valves, which were applied to a fired-heater upgrade. Other active projects include plans to instal DVC-based “Smart ZVs” as the standard operator interface across the facility. In 1997, Saudi Aramco asked Fisher to enhance its original Fieldvue design to facilitate partial stroking and on-line testing of final control elements used in emergency shutdown (ESD), blow down, venting, emergency isolation, or critical on-off applications. Typically, these valves, known as Emergency Isolation Valves (EIVs), remain in one position for extended periods and move only in an emergency. Because an EIV typically remains fixed, users question whether it will operate successfully upon demand. In safety instrumented system applications, a valve failure could lead to an explosion, fire, or other undesirable consequence. In response to Saudi Aramco’s request, Fisher launched a product development effort that made the Fieldvue “smart instrument” technology appropriate for safety-instrumented systems and block-valve applications. Saudi Aramco accepted the improved Fieldvue instrument and became the first international Oil & Gas industry organisation to apply the new technology in an operating facility. In late 1999, the first Fieldvue ESD solutions were installed at the Shedgum Gas Plant and the Yanbu Refinery in Saudi Arabia. Fisher engineers continue to enhance the Fieldvue product. The Fieldvue DVC6000 Emergency Shutdown Device, for example, adds double-acting, quick response, and easy tuning capabilities to emergency-valve applications, without compromising safety.

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