Flomatic announces new SS Model Cycle Gard IV CB152SST

Flomatic is proud to introduce the new Stainless Steel direct-acting constant pressure pump control valve with tappings, Model Cycle Gard ® IV CB152SST. This flow efficient globe style, all stainless steel body is equipped with a 1” NPT size female inlet threads and with a 1” NPT union end female outlet connection. The valves’ standard pressure range is 15- 75 PSI with an optional 15-150 PSI range. The CYCLE GARD® IV CB152SST valve body maximum pressure rating is 400 PSI. All of the valves’ internal parts are corrosion resistant with a stainless steel spring and fasteners for long service life. 
The Model CYCLE GARD® IV CB152SST unique constant pressure valve is equipped with additional NPT tapped bosses for pressure gage, a water tank and or a pump pressure switch. It maintains a preset operating pressure and reduces rapid pump cycling and is proven protection for wells and booster pumps. Flomatic’s CYCLE GARD® IV valve regulates high upstream (inlet pressure) to a lower regulated downstream (outlet pressure) constant pressure within a range regardless of water flow. This is accomplished by an adjustable spring-loaded balancing valve factory set to automatically regulate the downstream pressure to 50 PSI. The regulating pressure is field adjustable in a wide range.
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