Four consortia in Jordan-Egypt pipeline bid

Four international consortia have bid for the construction of the Jordan-Egypt gas pipeline, a senior official has said. “By June, one consortium will be selected to construct the overland pipeline stretching form the port city of Aqaba to central and northern parts of the Kingdom,” said Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mohammad Batayneh. The consortia, which submitted qualification, technical and financial proposals, are ABB (Switzerland) in a joint venture with Texas-based Petrofac, the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) of Greece, the Egyptian EPEG, and the SIL Team of Jordan with Russian Crown Resources Company and Egyptian GENCO. CCC plans to carry out the project with the Shell Company and the Canadian Enbridge as subcontractors. The government is expected to sign the licence agreement with the selected company to start building the pipeline in September. The gas will be delivered to Jordan through an overland pipeline starting at Al Arish and ending at Taba on the Egyptian side, and then through a maritime line linking Taba with Aqaba. From there the pipeline will stretch to central and northern parts of Jordan to supply gas to the combined-cycle power generation plants and large industrial consumers. The pipeline is expected to cost around USD 220 million.

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