Foyo ceramic ball valves for waste recycling

In 12/2015, Sinogal purchased two pcs 3/4”, Class 150 electric full lined V port ceramic ball valves from Foyo.

After one year, it was proved that Foyo V port ceramic ball valve is capable of providing high performance. Then, Sinogal re-ordered Foyo’s ceramic ball valves several times.

The Macao Environment Protection Bureau announced on March 8th, 2018 that it had won the bid from the Major Plant Upgrade of the Old Plants of the Macao Waste Incineration Center. SINOGAL took the effectiveness and reputation of the operation and maintenance of the Macao Incineration Plant and promised to match the original maintenance without affecting the waste treatment capacity.

SINOGAL is a JV between CTCI Zhongding Group, and ECOVE’s subsidiary Dingding Technology Service Co., Ltd., and Portugal’s Consulgal Group and its subsidiary Consulasia, specializing in Macao Incineration Center and Macao Special/Dangerous. The operation and maintenance operations of the waste treatment station mainly deal with general waste and special and hazardous waste generated in Macao.

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