GEMÜ 1272 and GEMÜ 1273 instrument sensors

GEMÜ 1272 and GEMÜ 1273 instrument sensors have undergone a redesign to digitize the calibration process, making it simpler and more reliable. Previously, two potentiometers were used to calibrate the flowmeters, and these had to be adjusted using a screwdriver – this was a laborious task. To make the start-up process easier for customers, the products now have two buttons. These buttons enable the calibration process to be performed quickly and reliably. The newly integrated LED gives the user direct feedback on the instrument sensor’s status. The housing of all the products in the GEMÜ 127x series is now grey instead of black.

GEMÜ 1272 and GEMÜ 1273 instrument sensors are used with variable area flowmeters to digitize the measured value. They convert the measured value that can be read visually from the scale on the flowmeter into an electrical signal. This means that variable area flowmeters can be integrated into a plant control system, complying with current process automation requirements. All the common current and voltage signals are available for control purposes.

These instrument sensors are also perfectly suited for retrofitting in an existing plant. They can easily be adapted for use with the GEMÜ 800 or GEMÜ 850 variable area flowmeters.

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