GEMÜ leads processing Industry 4.0

At a time when many companies in the process industry are still harbouring doubts about using Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) for process systems in general and for their company in particular, GEMÜ has already developed first elements, including GEMÜ CONEXO RFID-based system, which is ready for the market.

This was primarily achieved due to GEMÜ’s focus on genuine customer benefits even during the company’s initial consideration of the possibilities of digitalisation.

Another factor was the cross-sector project work, which made it possible to bring together specialists from the individual disciplines at an early stage to effectively examine the system and the requirements for this system from every angle.

Holding discussions with key customers at an early stage also helped to develop the system quickly and in a customer-oriented manner, and enabled important feedback to be incorporated effectively and early on in the process.

GEMÜ CONEXO, which is primarily concerned with electronic traceability and maintenance support, is only the first step in a whole series of activities relating to Industry 4.0.

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