Guided table actuator

SMC Corporation has announced the release of the EMY2 electric guided slide table actuator. The EMY2 combines the smooth operation, flexibility, and high positioning accuracy of a stepper motor actuator with the quick set-up, simple actuation, and low cost of its pneumatic equivalent. The EMY2 features a user-friendly control box for manual operation, and can be actuated using just two PLC outputs like a solenoid valve – one for move left, another for move right, and both for move to centre. It also provides four status outputs and five LEDs for at-a-glance visual indication. Magnetically triggered hall effect sensors can also be mounted along the length of the actuator for additional position verification. Available in two base sizes, the EMY2 can handle payloads up to 70 lb, with stroke lengths from 50 to 1000mm.

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