Heavy-duty flange facers

Climax Portable Machine Tools’ new line of flange facers are suitable for in-situ repair and on-site machining of demanding flange surfaces. Developed for use in power generation facilities, petrochemical plants, ship building and maintenance applications, and in the heavy equipment industry, the new flange facers’ operating power and rigid design enable fast and accurate metals removal. Climax’s new machines have an exclusive, patented safety feature. They are the only flange facers on the market that let operators adjust the feed rate while the machine is still running, without having to reach into the machine. They can achieve infinitely variable feed rates from 0.002 to 0.035in/rev. The machine’s turning arm and tool head rotate a full 360 degrees, creating a variety of chamfers, O-Ring grooves, and other angular surfaces, and generating phonographic finishes. The new flange facer line includes: Climax FF6200 with a facing range from 20 to 50in; Climax FF7200, with a facing range of 30 to 72in; and Climax FF8200, with a facing range of 45 to 120in. In addition to a broad line of flange facers, boring machines, autoborewelders, milling machines, portable lathes, and valve repair machines, Climax specializes in customizing portable machine tools to fit any repair and maintenance application.
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