HP bellow Valves

Haage has designed a new programme of high-pressure bellow valves for metering and shut-off of gases and liquids. Main advantages are high tightness and low demand of maintenance. Applications are within the technical gas industry, the chemical industry, plant engineering and high purity gas supply. The range consist of Nominal Diameters from DN 2mm to DN 25mm for Operation Pressures from vacuum up to PN 420 bar. Bigger diameters up to DN 65mm are available for an Operation Pressure of PN 40 bar. Wide range of Operation Temperature: from -269°C up to +550°C. The low leak rate of 10-7 mbar ltrs/s (standard) or 10-9 mbar ltrs/s (optional) can be tested by a Helium Leak Test upon delivery. The bellow valves are available as straight-way-valves or angle valves.

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