Hunt Valve highlights ways to minimize leakage

Hunt Valve, a fluid power engineering company specializing in severe-duty valves and components, has recently published a new infographic designed to help plant and maintenance engineers minimize high-pressure water valve leakage. “When designing high-pressure hydraulic systems, planning ahead for long-term operation in harsh environments is vital for success, especially when it comes to managing water valve leakage,” explained Brad Sterner, Hunt Valve’s president and CEO. “In the design phase, the plant engineer should review the leakage tolerance classifications for each type of water valve under consideration and plan ahead for potential incompatibilities with certain flow velocities and materials of construction.”

Hunt Valve’s latest infographic features principles from three important areas of high-pressure water valve leakage management: Understand internal and external leakage: Explore the defining characteristics and long-term effects of both internal and external leakage. Review industry standards for leakage tolerance: Study industry standards created by the Manufacturers Standard Society (MSS) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for various types of valves. Choose the ideal hydraulic valve: Discover how to size and select the proper valve while avoiding potential incompatibilities and damage from destructive additives in the flow media.

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