Hunt Valve’s new poppet valve for descaling

Hunt Valve has announced a new proportional poppet valve for descaling applications that lasts three to five times longer than traditional poppet valves. By eliminating the effects of water hammer and system shock, this poppet valve technology promotes safety in the plant and cuts operating costs in half.

 At steel mills, persistent water hammer in high-pressure piping systems often leads to burst pipes, cracked welds, and descale header damage. Hunt Valve’s proportional poppet descale valve can be programmed to eliminate water hammer in the system. Typically, the speed is only reduced for the last 10 to 20 % of the stroke, just before completely shutting off flow to the descale header. This slow rate of closure can be fine-turned via the integrated local control interface or programmable logic controller (PLC).

To combat the high-velocity fluid flow created by the valve’s slow rate of closure, the proportional poppet descale valve incorporates ceramic seating surfaces that prevent wear from the fluid flow.

The proportional poppet valve’s electromechanical linear actuator helps avoid the maintenance and reliability issues commonly associated with all types of media-actuated valves.

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