HXS10 controller

Yokogawa has announced that it has developed the HXS10 controller for controlling actuation systems of solar-thermal and photovoltaic power-generation systems. The HXS10 is designed specifically for the control of solar-tracking systems. It is made from environmentally resistant and durable components, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 70C, making it suitable for the control of solar-power-generating facilities installed in deserts and other harsh locations. The HXS10 has a communication function that allows it to be monitored by a host system in a central control room. To eliminate communication traffic overload and create a more secure and stable communication environment, each of HXS10’s communications can be routed to the host system via another HXS10 unit. Target markets include heavy-machinery companies that manufacture solar-thermal and photovoltaic power systems; as well as application control of solar-tracking actuation systems.

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