JA Moody & Lexair to supply K-LOK valves for U.S. Navy

Two small businesses with decades of experience in the defense supply chain have teamed up to bring the U.S. Navy better service and quality for a familiar, proven product – the high-spec Keystone K-LOK butterfly valve, used for fuel, lube oil, AFFF, and other fluid lines on every class of Navy ship.
When valve manufacturing conglomerate Emerson decided to leave the Navy marketplace, it ceased providing K-LOK valves. Longtime Navy distributor JA Moody stepped in to find a new solution and launched a partnership with another well-established small business, Lexair. With formal procurement approval from NAVSEA now in hand, Lexair will be manufacturing these critical valves for the Navy and distributing them through JA Moody’s established sales and service channels.
The Keystone K-LOK meets all Navy MIL-DTL-24624A standards, including demanding shock and vibration resistance requirements. It is available in 10 stock sizes from 2.5 inches to 14 inches. Wafer and lugged flange styles are both available. The ultra-durable valve body and disc are made of 316 stainless or NAB and Monel, with graphite packing and an RFTE seat. In addition, Fire-safe Stainless Steel Vent Valves, and Aluminum Vent Valves built to BUSHIP drawings will be manufactured by Lexair for the Navy and available exclusively through JA Moody.

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