Jacolien Eijer appointed as the new president of KIVI

Jacolien Eijer was officially appointed president of the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI). She will immediately fulfill this role for at least three years. In doing so, she follows in the footsteps of Joanne Meyboom, who resigned from her position on 1 June. The role of president of KIVI is a good follow-up for Jacolien Eijer: “In recent years, I have spoken with great pleasure and conviction on behalf of the engineering firms. During an image survey, I got a while back that engineers are seen as wizards. They can design things that normal people can’t imagine. And… the image researcher also told me: that engineers never doubt that there is a solution. I think engineers and engineering thinking in the present time, with various crises that indicate that the limits of our planet have been reached (or have already passed them), are very much needed to offer perspective.” Director of KIVI, Miguel Delcour adds: “We are very much looking forward to an intensive collaboration and are pleased with her expertise in both the field of engineers and association matters.”

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