Kitz acquires Cephas Pipelines

Kitz Corporation has entered into a stock transfer agreement for 100% of the stock of Cephas Pipelines Corporation, a Korean valve manufacturer.

Cephas is a comprehensive manufacturer of butterfly valves that can be produced up to large diameters with an abundant product lineup. The company’s strength is its industrial butterfly valves used in power plants, oil&gas fields, desalination and water treatment plants, marine vessels in addition to the petrochemical market. KITZ has been procuring Cephas’ butterfly valves since 2014 and has already delivered many products in global markets.

In recent years, there has been a trend for larger size of the pipes used as number of industry scale plants has increased. This means there is a need for butterfly valves suitable for large size, Kitz says. “As butterfly valves have the feature that can reduce the size of the piping installation compared to other types of valves, they are increasingly being employed in various plants. Accordingly, there is now a need for butterfly valves compatible with various fluids (e.g. from low to high temperature and high pressure). We believe that demand for butterfly valves will continue to increase in the future.

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