Knife gate valves ensure zero leakage

Delta IndustrialTM knife gate valves can guarantee plant operators in difficult process applications, zero leakage, John Abbott, Weir Minerals Global Product Manager for Valves confirms.

 Weir Minerals Delta IndustrialTM guided shear gate valves are designed to repeatedly close and provide bi-directional zero leakage isolation no matter what the process fluid may contain.

This is a significant feature of the Delta IndustrialTM valves and one which provides numerous important benefits to the customer, providing some insight into why Weir Minerals acquired and continues to invest in Delta IndustrialTM.

This unique knife gate valve design is capable of offering the highest performance in the most severe applications where solids are in solution, suspension or both. The valve manufacturing process employs tight tolerances and minimum clearances to ensure reliable performance and the longevity of these valves.

The team at Weir Minerals are currently working on complementing their range of ASME 600 rated valves. There are also developments currently being tested which will provide enhanced performance in high pressure applications.

To ensure you maintain consistent plant operation and minimise downtime, utilise a zero leakage valve on your site.

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