Linde’s LNG plant is Responsible Care® certified

Linde LLC has received certification of its Altamont, California, LNG plant under the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program.

The LNG is produced from landfill garbage decomposition and is used to fuel Waste Management’s fleet of LNG powered waste disposal trucks. “This is a truly renewable, green fuel supply that produces up to 13,000 gallons per day of LNG,” says Tom Dziak, Linde’s Altamont plant manager. “Even our plant site is powered by electricity produced on-site by Waste Management from landfill gas.”

Responsible Care is a globally recognized management system aimed at helping companies improve performance in areas such as safety, health, environment and security. Certification is mandatory for all ACC member companies, which must undergo headquarter and facility audits by an independent, accredited auditor to verify that they have a structure and system in place that manages and measures performance. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance is Linde’s independent auditor.

The Responsible Care management system offers an integrated, structured approach for driving continual improvement in seven key areas: community awareness and emergency response; security; distribution; employee health and safety; pollution prevention; process safety; and product stewardship.

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