LINUO control valves with leading rotary actuators

LINUO control valves can be used even if a plant standardises on another manufacturer’s actuator. By standardising on the actuator, a power plant in Kansas City was able to reduce inventory costs and simplify company-wide inventory control. The downside, they thought, was dependence on the manufacturer’s mating control valve.
Once introduced to the benefits of the LINUO control valve, the power plant staff was convinced it was a great alternative. The advantages were obvious – controllability, compactness and construction. However, before they could start using LINUO, they had to overcome mounting issues.
The solution was quite simple. The local distributor, PEC, designed a simple bracket and coupling that tightly integrated valve and actuator. The linear actuator now bolted up neatly up to the LINUO valve and resulted in better control and much lower cost for the total package.
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