Manoir Industries acquires Engrenages Ribaut

Manoir Industries strengthened its Manoir Forging Solutions BU with the acquisition of Engrenages Ribaut. This acquisition is expected to be completed by mid-July.

Manoir Forging Solutions offers forged components for markets such as oil, gas, nuclear, civil engineering, railways, aerospace, defence, mining and mechanical industry. This acquisition fits in the Manoir Industries’ strategy to diversify its wide technical range and to provide more and more to its customers, finished, machined and ready-to-assemble products. Engrenages Ribaut, renamed Manoir Engrenages, a key player in machined and gear activities for civil engineering, heavy trucks, tractors, aerospace markets, reinforces the Manoir Forging Solutions’ technical offer. It has 40 employees and its plant is located in Chaumontel, North Paris, France.

The Manoir Forging Solutions BU masters the entire supply chain with a wide range of manufacturing processes such as open-die and closed-die forging, hot extrusion, ring rolling, heat treatment, gearing and machining. Through this acquisition, Manoir Industries expects to be positioned as a key forging actor in its markets and Manoir Forging Solutions BU is committed to fostering continued innovation.

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