Marotta Controls announces four new solenoid valves

Marotta Controls, a rapidly growing aerospace and defense supplier with a 65-year heritage in spaceflight, announces that four new solenoid valves have been added to its CoRe® Flow Controls series. These new products support the commercial space industry’s growing use of more efficient in-vehicle system designs and propellants that deliver better performance as well as greater returns on investments. Additionally, they are accompanied by Marotta’s customer support strategy; Qualification-by-Similarity designed to get customers into orbit faster and with less upfront investment.

First introduced in 2018, Marotta’s CoRe Flow Controls series serves as one of the only valve catalogs available for spaceflight including usage in ground control applications and deep space. Whereas space vehicle products were historically customized one-offs, products earning the CoRe brand are now frequently chosen by customers.

CoRe pneumatic valves support one- to three-quarter-inch lines; handle fluids such as helium, methane, nitrogen, and oxygen; and are qualified to the Air Force Space Command’s (AFSC) SMC-S-016 standard.

New fitting-configured valves: the direct-acting MV100X (2.54 mm ESEOD) and the pilot-operated MV524X (15 mm ESEOD). These valves are designed to support extreme cryogenic temperatures of lower than -100°F (-73°C). Notably, the MV524X weighs approximately two pounds roughly 50% lighter than other available valves with similar flow capacity.

New face-mounted valves: the direct-acting PLV34X (1.65 mm ESEOD) and PLV130HLT (4.88 mm ESEOD). The face-mounted configuration allows valves to connect directly to manifolds without additional piping reducing overall system size, cost, and complexity. The PLV34X is the third CoRe product to support extreme cryogenic temperatures.
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