Maximum closing force with the powerMOVE

The powerMOVE lever-operated lifting plate is an integral part of the hot half in the range of valve gate systems. Matched to the sizes in the plates range, various standardised powerMOVE units are available, which are customised according to individual requirements. The arrangement of the nozzles can be freely configured.

The powerMOVE lifting plate from Meusburger is a cleanroom compatible and self-lubricating pin actuation system. The lever mechanism ensures the ideal force and speed for the opening and closing of the pins during the injection moulding process. With no additional control system necessary, consistent high quality of injection moulded parts is ensured.

The functionality & properties are: Maximum closing force and low speed when plunging the pins into the gate; Increasing speed when opening the valve pin; Minimal force loss compared to other actuation mechanisms; Lifting frame is mounted on roller bearings; Rolling friction means 20 times less friction than sliding friction; Stepless height adjustment of each individual valve pin; Shutdown of individual pins without opening the mould; Close spacing of pins possible; and Smallest cavity distance and a high number of cavities.

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