Moog gas control valve 64 K upgrade program

The Industrial Group of Moog Inc. has launched the Moog Gas Control 64 K Upgrade for GE 7FA turbines to extend the maintenance interval of gas control equipment on these turbines from the typical 48,000 hours of operation to 64,000 hours of operation. The new 64 K Upgrade Program is a hardware upgrade that offers GE turbine owners the Moog Extended Life Actuator and the Fisher Extended Life EAB Process Valve.

The 64K Upgrade offers several key enhancements to the gas control hardware. The Moog Extended Life Actuator Upgrade was developed to ensure the product had a long service life even in conditions with varnished, contaminated lube oil. Moog has used contacting seal design, harder rod surface with a proprietary aerospace overlay, and chrome coating for the cylinder bore. In environments with clean oil, these same enhancements can extend the expected service life.

Many GE 7FA turbines are now equipped with Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology which extends a typical maintenance interval to 64,000 hours.

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