MSS publishes new standard for eccentric plug valves

The Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) of the Valve and Fittings Industry is pleased to announce the publication of the new Standard Practice SP-156-2019, Ductile Iron, Metal-Seated, Non-Lubricated, Eccentric Plug Valves. 
This newly developed Standard Practice (SP)-156 establishes consensus-based manufacturing requirements for ductile iron, metal-seated, non-lubricated, eccentric plug valves with flanged, mechanical joint, grooved or shouldered ends. This standard includes applicable eccentric plug valves in sizes and pressure-temperature ratings for general-purpose service and includes, directly or by reference, identified stipulations on chemical and mechanical material properties, dimensions and classes (designations) of end connections, valve pressure, and temperature ratings, workmanship, testing, coating, marking, and preparation for shipment. SP-156 is maintained under the consensus of MSS Technical Committee 106, Cast Iron Valves.
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