MV adds REVIT BIM format to configurator

Industrial valve producer Milwaukee Valve recently expanded their online CAD product configurator, enabling output to Autodesk REVIT building information modelling (BIM) format. Designed and built by CADENAS, the sales configurator now meets the needs of a much broader customer base by offering one of the most popular design formats on the market.

Milwaukee Valve supplies more than 5,000 valve configurations for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Their online CAD file generator has hundreds of products in more than 150 native, neutral CAD and graphic formats. They are adding Autodesk REVIT to their CAD product configurator.

“The evolution of our configurator has paralleled evolution of the demand”, says Geoff McLaughlin, vice president of Technical Support at Milwaukee Valve. “Our customers used to be satisfied with 2D drawings. They were ecstatic when we began offering 3D models in native formats. Now, customers expect and demand specialised 3D modelling and BIM formats like REVIT, so we’re answering the call.”
 Autodesk REVIT, which combines the design process of BIM with 3D modelling capabilities, is one of the fastest growing formats for commercial building designers. By adding

Autodesk REVIT to their CAD product configurator, Milwaukee Valve enables designers to quickly configure, specify and add a product into their design.

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