New cast steel control valve from KSB AG

KSB AG, Germany has expanded its control valve range BOA-CVE/CVP H by launching a cast steel variant. The new valves are used in industrial, process, and plant engineering applications, i.e. applications requiring the control of liquid flows. The new type series is available in cast steel (GP 240 GH), from DN 15 to DN 200 and for nominal pressure class PN 40. The maximum permissible temperature is 450 °C.
The valves can be dismantled without any special tools by simply unscrewing the bonnet bolts. This enables the user to replace the entire valve trim and match it to different control requirements. 
The valve seat is designed such that it can be used on both sides. If the seat gets damaged, it can be easily turned over without replacement. 
The operator can choose between electric and pneumatic actuation. The electric actuators offer input and output signals from 0/2 to 10 V or 0/4 to 20 mA. The pneumatic diaphragm actuators which come in three sizes have a maximum actuating force of 55,000 Newton.
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