New DFPC actuator by Festo

Festo Canada has launched several innovative products over the summer, and the latest is the DFPC double-acting linear actuator. Since process engineers would prefer to have linear actuators that fit their specific applications than change their projects to accommodate the units, Festo has designed the DFPC with varying options. 
Optimized for process applications, this actuator is available in either standard or application-adapted models, making the DFPC a highly flexible pneumatic automation enabler.
This unique linear actuator gives users a convenient choice: a standard, pre-configured version that is very cost-efficient and delivered from stock promptly, or an individually configurable version. Festo offers the latter model of the DFPC with varying stroke lengths of the space bolts, piston rods of different lengths, various thread types, and diameters, and even adapted for ATEX II 2GD certification.
The DFPC is specially designed and manufactured for actuating such process valve types as a gate, knife-gate, or pinch valves, as well as valve bodies without housing. Festo recommends it particularly for the challenging needs of water and wastewater treatment, plus mining applications, power stations, steel manufacturing, and pulp and paper. The cylinder barrels and end caps are made of aluminum, and the piston rods, screws, nuts, and tie rods are made from stainless steel – which means that the actuator should offer a long operational lifespan. In addition, high travel speeds are possible because of the end-position cushioning.
The actuator is currently available with strokes of up to 1.6 metres and in sizes ranging from 80 to 200. There are also interfaces for process valves to ISO 5210 and ISO 15552 with extended tie rods. Proximity switches, mounting for position sensing, and Namur adapter plate are available as accessories.
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