New Eco Valves for chemical industry

Primary Fluid Systems Inc has introduced a new line of plastic diaphragm style back pressure valves and pressure relief valves called Eco Valve. These valves feature a completely adjustable pressure range of 7-150 PSIG and a built in air release to reduce priming difficulties with metering pumps. They are available in sizes ¼ in to 4 in and five different construction materials. Ideal for metering pump and chemical dosing applications, the Eco Valve features 10 configurations: threaded, socket, union and flanged.
The plastic back pressure, pressure sustaining, anti syphon valves are designed to provide and control a continuous pressure on the discharge side of a positive discharge style pump, such as metering pumps. ECO Valve assists with the proper seating of the valve check assembly and accurate filling of the pump housing chamber for a more efficient and accurate running pump.
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