New from Spence

Spence Engineering Company Inc. (Walden, New York) has introduced their new “Boss” Series D Control Valve with high flow capacities that reduce velocity and pressure loss. Balanced plug design provides smooth, high-pressure control and permits use of compact actuators for installation in tight spaces. The products also feature hardened stainless-steel trim that provides twice the service life of 316 stainless trim and a rugged piston seal with three times the wear surface of competitive valves. The valves are available in cast iron and steel through 8″ with multiple actuator, connection and trim options for a wide variety of applications including process control systems, HVAC systems, feed water and fuel system controls in boiler rooms and packaged systems (OEM) such as heat exchangers, water purification systems and vaporisers, metal cleaning and plating. – Spence has also published a free “Steam & Fuid Control Designer’s Guide,” a reference for designing, specifying and purchasing systems for steam, condensate and fluid handling. The guide was created with engineers and plant maintenance personnel in mind and includes easy to use sizing and system design primers. The new guide also includes specifications for regulators, control valves, safety relief valves, condensate pumps, desuperheaters, steam traps, noise suppression products and strainers.

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