New GEMÜ app offers a wide range of digital services

With the new GEMÜ app for smartphones and tablets, products can be clearly identified, operated intuitively and product information can be called up conveniently. Furthermore, the entire GEMÜ product range is now also accessible from your trouser pocket. The GEMÜ app offers numerous functions that make life easier in the world of GEMÜ valves, measurement, and control systems.

New electrical GEMÜ products can now be initialized, configured, parametrized, and localized via a Bluetooth connection. The GEMÜ app shows process values as well as status information in detail and provides support in setting parameters and error analysis. In the development of the app, particular attention was given to user-friendliness to enable the intuitive operation of GEMÜ products. The new GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X positioner is the first product to be operated using the GEMÜ app.

GEMÜ products with a digital product label (QR code) or RFID tag can be clearly identified with the app. This means that users have the right product information and documents to hand directly in the plant. In addition, job-specific information, such as any product certificates acquired, can be called up. GEMÜ provides both the currently available documentation as well as the documentation at the time the product is delivered. This means that any changes or additions are immediately apparent.

The new GEMÜ app also enables easy access to general GEMÜ product information and documents – even when on the move. Users can quickly access datasheets, operating instructions, product flyers, and further information to help them with product selection. The offline availability of the documents, which can also be used in plants without internet access, is particularly helpful.

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