New portable actuators from F.lli Scapin

Italian company F.lli Scapin Snc has developed a brand-new and unique set of portable actuators for controlling valves, penstocks and sluice gates. These actuators, built with light alloys and mounting last-generation engines and components, are battery- or engine-operated. They represent an easy and fast way to operate on both electric and manual hydraulic penstock valves and sluice gates without electricity.
These actuators are highly portable due to their low weight. They are safe due to the integral friction body and the mobile reaction pin that prevents snatch rotation and do not require any physical effort from the operator. They can be used in horizontal and vertical position, ensuring excellent performances under every atmospheric condition.

This set of portable battery/engine actuators can reach a maximum torque of 147Nm and are a valuable alternative to expensive electrical actuation systems.
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