Neway awarded special equipment type test certificate

Neway has been recently awarded a special equipment type test certificate by the National Special Pump and Valve Engineering Technology Research Center for the vacuum-jacketed cryogenic globe valve for .

Neway is the first valve manufacturer to use the liquid hydrogen internal cooling method for a type test, and the test results are in line with the standard requirements.

The test was performed according to T/CGMA 0405-2022 “General Test Method of Low Temperature Valve with Hydrogen Medium” at the China aerospace product test center, using the liquid hydrogen internal cooling method with the simulation of the actual working condition. After 100 cycles of life test with pressure, all performances meet the standard requirements of T/CGMA 0407-2022 “General Technical Specification for Hydrogen Cryogenic Valves.

This achievement is a remarkable milestone in the development and innovation of cryogenic hydrogen valves for Neway, which builds the solid foundation for the promotion and application of this kind of valve in the world!

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