Nexa3D announces intent to acquire Essentium

Nexa3D, the ultrafast 3D printing leader, has taken a significant step in staking its leadership position in the industrial additive manufacturing space by signing a letter of intent to acquire Essentium, a prominent manufacturer of HSE 3D printers and materials, widely adopted for high requirement, precision applications in aerospace, military, and defense. With this acquisition, Nexa3D would add high-speed extrusion (HSE) to its current product portfolio.

Nexa3D has rapidly emerged as a leader in the industrial 3D printing space, delivering groundbreaking production solutions for businesses across various sectors. Best known for its ultrafast 3D printers, ranging from desktops to the factory floor, its cutting-edge technology has redefined the possibilities of 3D printing production, enabling unprecedented productivity, accuracy, and material flexibility. Adopted by over 1200 customers worldwide, its printers have quickly become the go-to solution for high-throughput, production applications.

Essentium, renowned for its broad materials portfolio, award-winning high-speed extrusion 3D printers, and true independent dual extruders (IDEX), has carved a niche in the industry by providing solutions for complex polymer production applications that are 5 to 15 times faster than competing extrusion technologies. The company’s commitment to innovation and reliability has made it a go-to choice for manufacturers and government users worldwide.

This marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that promises to revolutionize the 3D printing landscape. The combination of Nexa3D’s expertise in ultrafast 3D printing with Essentium’s mastery of high-speed extrusion technology will result in a powerhouse of production technologies, ultimately benefiting industries ranging from aerospace and defense to medical devices and consumer goods.

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