Nippon Pulse introduces SL083

Nippon Pulse has recently declared the release of a new linear motor product, the SL083. The SL083 is a scaleless linear motor with a built-in linear encoder. It is ideal for positioning applications that would benefit from the repeatability, reliability and robustness of a linear motor, with up to 5µm in resolution and repeat accuracy. The SL083 is a compact motor with a simple design of just two parts: a tubular stainless steel shaft, and a non-contact forcer. This allows for simple installation and configuration. The housing is made of non-magnetic aluminium.

Nippon Pulse has worked with one of the leading European encoder manufacturer, Siko Products to create a design that integrates the industry’s first non-analogue magnetic linear encoder into a linear motor. The SL083 simplifies the integration of a linear motor into applications, as it can utilize existing bearings in order to become an actuator. In addition to the built-in encoder, the SL083 linear motor has a built-in interpolator and Hall sensors. It offers real-time single processing and high dynamics with no residual force. The SL083 has a maximum speed of 4 meters per second, and has an excellent force-to-volume ratio.

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