NORMA pipe connectors at Munich airport terminal

NORMA Group is equipping the ‘Satellite’ terminal at the Munich airport with pipe connectors of the NORMACONNECT DCS product range. The DCS Rapid pipe couplings and the DCS Universal and Kombi restraint collars reliably seal the pipes used to drain the entire building, helping protect the electronic installations of the satellite terminal from water damage.

The joining technology of NORMA Group is used to connect the more than 15km of socketless cast-iron pipes of Caverion Deutschland, a provider of technical building equipment and facility services. Approximately 30,000 connectors are fitted to the horizontally and vertically mounted sewage and rainwater drains in the terminal building. The pipe connectors provide for fast and easy installation. Furthermore, the combination of the Rapid pipe connector and restraint collar resists even high-pressures. This connection is particularly well suited to those parts of the pipe system that are at risk of back-pressures from heavy rains and exposed to higher pressure.

“Our joining products have stood the test of many major projects,” says Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “Clients from the building industry particularly appreciate their reliability. The systems provide for safe connections, which protect client properties.”
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