The Northern Territory Government selected Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd in November 2015 to build and operate the Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP). The pipeline will start at Tennant Creek and run approximately East South East to Mount Isain Queensland. Construction is expected to begin early 2017 and be completed by 2018.


A key player in the development of the Northern Gas Pipeline is Jemena, which owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy and water transportation assets across the east coast of Australia. It reportedly has more than AUS 9 billion of major utility infrastructure and supplies millions of households and businesses with essential services every day.
Jemena was been selected by the Northern Territory Government to build and operate the Northern Gas Pipeline.

Managing Director Paul Adams said the pipeline, which will cost around AUS 800 million to construct, would fast-track development of the Northern Territory’s gas industry, with gas expected to flow to east coast markets from 2018.

Pipes and valves

In the summer, Jemena reported that the first length of coated line pipe to be used on the Northern Gas Pipeline had
been manufactured. NGP Project Director Jonathan Spink said the roll-out of the first 19 metre length of coated line pipe took place just a few weeks after the start of steel production and was a significant milestone for the development of the project. The entire length of buried pipe will be coated with an external anti-corrosion coating to protect it from the external environment (soil, air and water).

This will ensure the steel pipeline is protected from corrosion damage for its expected lifespan of thirty years. Jemena needs 35,000 individual 19 metre lengths of pipe for the 622 kilometre Northern Gas Pipeline Project which will take up to ten months to manufacture. The pipe is understood to have a diameter of 14 inches and be 6.4mm thick.

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Project Milestones

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