OMB Valves DuEX double eccentric ball valves

OMB Valves’ DuEX series ball valves have achieved full ABSA qualification for the Canadian market.

This rigorous certification process ensures all DuEX series meet the American Boiler and Sewing Vessel Code (ABSA) standards, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and performance for various pressure applications.

The Canadian Registration Number for the DuEX series is OC00878.2.

This qualification signifies OMB’s commitment to providing Canadian customers with reliable and code-compliant valve solutions.

The DuEX Double Eccentric Ball valve offers numerous advantages, including: Exceptional durability and leak-tight performance; Diverse size range to cater to various needs; and Streamlined design for efficient operation and maintenance.

With ABSA qualification, the DuEX series is ideal for applications in: P Series: Power generation; D Series: Oil & gas processing, Chemical processing, Pulp & paper mills; and C Series: Cryogenic and LNG.

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