PACE Hf high flow proportional valves

The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin has released their new line of PACE Hf high flow proportional valves targeted at the Respiratory and Anesthesia Markets. The PACE Hf proportional valve utilizes the Parker Advanced Technology Actuator to enable flow up to 500lpm, across multiple Respiratory applications. Some of the critical features of the PACE Hf valve are that the valve has a wide controllable range from 0.5lpm up to 500lpm with a 0-10 VDC analog input controllable to 0.001 VDC increments. This enables precise flow control throughout the full performance range of the valve. The PACE Hf valve has an integrated sensor port that allows for simple, closed loop feedback giving the customer precise pressure or flow control. Typical applications will have power usage less that 1 watt, giving the customer longer battery life or ability to use a smaller battery to save size and weight. Typical hysteresis of 4% (full scale) coupled with a fast response time of 20 msec(full cycle) give the customer the ultimate in high flow proportional valve performance.
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