Parker wins TA-Luft approval

The Instrumentation Products Division of Parker Hannifin has won TA-Luft approval for a broad range of its manifolds, valves and flanged products following a recent audit by approvals agency TÜV Mannheim Süd. This approval, which largely mirrors the new ISO 15848 standard, helps designers comply with the most stringent fugitive emission limitations, to maximise the integrity of processing systems. Parker’s flanged manifold valve products and manifolds for instrument hook-ups are already available in ISO 15848 compliant versions. Following the audit by TÜV Mannheim Süd, which looked at Parker’s design, test equipment and production test procedures, the company is now in the unique position of being able to demonstrate both ISO 15848 class A and TA-Luft approval. In order to meet these latest, extremely rigorous, environmental standards, Parker has taken its high-quality monoflange and Pro-Bloc flange-ended double block and bleed manifolds – which were already designed for minimal leakage paths – and effectively re-engineered their integral needle and ball valves. The new valves employ a combination of complementary sealing methods, using high performance elastomeric ‘O’ rings to provide enduring resistance to leaks over repeated actuations, combined with traditional graphite packaging rings for fire-safe performance. The first products that will be made available in TA-Luft versions are Parker’s Pro-Bloc, Monoflange, and Hi-Pro double block and bleed manifolds, and the H-Series valves and manifolds. As standard, products are supplied with integral Parker A-LOK compression tube fitting ends, for high integrity connections to process tubing.
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