Pentair achieves SIL 3 Certifications

Pentair affirms its commitment to ensuring safe operations for its customers with successful Safety Integrated Level (SIL) 3 certification of its Westlock Controls AccuTrak Position Monitors and Quantum Control Monitors. Obtained from third party certification organization exida, this universal accreditation validates the products’ exceptional quality and reliability for the most hazardous of applications.

Mike Lutolf, Global Product Manager – Controls at Pentair, comments: “Safety is our ultimate priority, so being one of the only manufacturers offering SIL 3 certified position monitors and control monitors is a truly fantastic achievement for Pentair. Typically, many products on the market are SIL 3 capable, but not officially certified. By offering products that meet exida’s stringent design and quality requirements, we are going beyond the industry norm to ensure full compliance with SIL 3 applications.

“When selecting our certified position monitors and control monitors, plant operators can be confident in the high standards of safety and quality, choosing one of the very rare manufacturers that offers an exclusive SIL 3 certification for these devices, as well as other, more traditionally certified products. Plus, users can benefit from improved service in hazardous operations since the need to wait for the chosen product certification is eliminated – as is the risk of project delays due to potential certification test failure.”

After passing rigorous Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA), Pentair’s successful assessment confirms that products across its entire AccuTrack and Quantum lines are capable for use in SIL 3 applications in low demand mode, where systems operate less than once a year. The company’s position monitor and control monitor series are designed to provide a fail-safe system in critical environments, without compromising safety-instrumented systems (SIS). Using this certified equipment also makes it easier to implement a safety system in process applications, in compliance with international standards. Depending on the application, SIL 3 certified products also reduce the risk of accident by a factor of 10 compared to SIL 2 devices.

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