PetrolValves launches BRAVA

PetrolValves has recently launched innovative pressure boundary joint assemblies, a well-proven technology that has been used in other industries for decades and is now being applied to valves.
This is a valid example of what can happen when senior engineers with different backgrounds discuss existing valves and try to imagine how to apply technology from the world of compressors to the traditional joint system.
The idea immediately attracted the attention of the technical team, which accepted the challenge. They quickly made the first changes on an existing ball valve and began figuring out how to use the components to create a brand-new technology.
When they were done, the final result was PV BRAVA, a new valve that represents the next step in innovation in the valve industry. The new valve enables users to anticipate market and customer needs for simplification, weight reduction, shorter delivery times, ease of assembly, and on-site installation and service, among other things.
In a difficult environment where flexibility and value-adds are paramount for competitiveness, PetrolValves is building a tiered approach in introducing technologies to fulfill and anticipate the key market and customer needs. The company is emphasizing on-time delivery, project de-risking and cost optimisation, asset lifecycle improvement, and regional touch for speed and execution.
The PV BRAVA technology is based on compression retaining ring technology (i.e., bolts and nuts are not more needed) that has been widely adopted in the most challenging applications across many industries, such as energy, aerospace, and oil and gas as well.
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