PIPE-FLO Professional V&V document

Engineered Software Inc. has published their 2007 PIPE-FLO Professional Verification and Validation (V&V) document. This fifty page booklet documents the various tests and calculations performed by PIPE-FLO® Professionals along with acceptance criteria for those industries requiring such standards, for example the nuclear power industry. V&V is the process of checking that, in this case, a software program meets the specifications it was designed for and that it fulfills its intended purposes. PIPE-FLO Professional is a fluid flow analysis software that simulates the operation of piping systems and shows the interaction of pumps, compressors, pipelines, control valves and other components in a fluid or industrial gas system. The 2007 PIPE-FLO Professional Verification and Validation documentation also comes with a consultation and interactive presentation explaining the V&V process along with electronic test systems and working spreadsheets. This whole package will be available to purchase for customers who require formal V&V documentation for the PIPE-FLO Professional Software.
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