Portable flowmeters

The portable KATflow 220 ultrasonic flowmeter from Katronic Technologies has been designed to survey large facilities such as manufacturing sites, power stations, breweries and hospitals. The meter, which is completely non-invasive, uses ultra-sound for the accurate measurement of flow and energy efficiency in a variety of locations. It is widely recognised that heating, hot water and air conditioning costs constitute a large part of the running expenses of any facility. Therefore, how these utilities are managed and consumed is an important issue within an organisation. The KATflow 220 clamp-on flowmeter from Katronic Technologies aims to provide an effective solution in these areas. By using the KATflow 220 it is possible to easily monitor energy consumption, to perform C.O.P measurements, to check flow rates in the circulation system and to monitor the effectiveness of pumps and valves.
The flowmeter can be used for a variety of applications, including chiller performance testing, C.O.P testing, heating system monitoring, energy efficiency measurement, system balancing, C.I.P measurement, and consumption testing on individual supply systems. The KATflow 220 is suitable for clean and dirty liquids and can be applied to any standard pipe with diameters ranging from 6-6.5 m.

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