Portable plastics dryer

Wittmann has introduced the Drymax 100 portable dryer with SmartFlow valves and integrated microprocessor control on the dual hopper configuration for optimum drying efficiency. Wittmann’s dryers are used in all kinds of plastics processing operations, particularly for higher value blends of PET, ABS, Polycarbonate and other engineering resins. The valves replace manually adjustable air flappers, automatically adjusting airflow and heat requirements to the integral hoppers based on the demand for dry air inside the hopper. Throughputs for the portable dryer with two hoppers range up to 71kg/h depending on the specific resin and its drying requirements. The drying progress inside the dual hopper dryer is monitored individually for both hoppers by measuring the temperature differential between the incoming and outgoing air. If the rate of resin consumption within one hopper slows down, the corresponding SmartFlow valve automatically decreases airflow and a built-in Material Protection Function lowers the set temperature for this hopper to a safe level. Should the temperature differential indicate an increase in resin consumption, the valve automatically responds by increasing airflow and heat to the hoppers. The dryers feature double-wall, stainless steel insulated first-in-first-out hoppers to minimise moisture absorption and reduce energy consumption. A single hopper configuration is available with manually adjusted flapper to control airflow and heat

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