PremiAir pneumatic performance

For use in the most demanding process environments, PremiAir pneumatic actuators from Tyco Valves & Controls have been engineered to provide reliable and economical operation for all types of quarter-turn valves. One of the primary causes of performance deterioration in pneumatic actuators is internal corrosion. To combat this, the lightweight aluminium body of each PremiAir is hard anodised both inside and out. For extra durability and resistance to environmental corrosion, PremiAir actuators are also coated with an Electrostatic Powder Coating. If the application is hygienic or highly corrosive, such as caustic wash down areas or saline atmospheres, the PremiAir also can be specified with an optional Special Nickel Protection finish both internally and externally.
Available in Double Acting or Spring Return models, the PremiAir compact body design is available in one standard size for both configurations. Suitable for use with all quarter turn valves, the actuator can be fitted either with a bracket and detachable mounting plate or directly onto the valve, in accordance with ISO 5211. This design feature combined with the industry perferred square/ star output drive allows direct interchageability with other actuator brands.

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